Our services

Whether it's a one-time repair or a multi-facility maintenance contract, we're ready to meet your needs.  We offer repair and maintenance services on all types of commercial roofing and we specialize in putting our customer in charge of their own roof by giving them pictures, accurate estimates and top-notch repairs at a fair price.

Multiple Facilities Roof Management

Managers with multiple facilities tell us that managing all of those roofs, often with different roof systems, can be exceedingly difficult.  Let us help you out by providing comprehensive roof reports with the pictures and data you need to plan, budget and keep your tenants dry and happy.

Roof Repair & Service

Whether it’s finding the leaks you have today or preventing your roofs from leaking tomorrow, JRC has the experience, equipment and understanding to take care of your roof.  We are a one-stop-shop for repair, preventative maintenance, tenant buildout and a wide variety of commercial roofing services.

Have a leak? We can help! Give us a call today.
Preventative Roof Care

An apple a day…

What if you didn’t have to buy a new roof? At least, not yet. With Preventative Roof Care, we’ll keep our finger on the pulse of your roof’s health and longevity—providing maintenance and solutions to prolong your roof’s life while helping you budget for the next one. Preventative Roof Care includes a bi-yearly Roof Checkup and Roof Care Plan. Roof checkup pricing based on total square footage.  Prices start at $250.00 for under 1,000 square feet. 

Step 01:
Initial Roof Survey

We send our trained technicians to your roof to give it a thorough examination identifying each roof section and its composition.  They check every square foot, record every deficiency and grade each section with recommendations for what needs fixed and when it needs to be fixed.

Step 02:
On-going Roof Maintenance

We return to your roof twice per year, keeping the clutter away, looking for new problems and tracking known issues.  You get a web portal that tells you exactly what’s going on with your roof and gives you the ability to plan and make decisions with ease. 

Roof checkup pricing based on total square footage. Prices start at $250.00 for under 1,000 square feet.

When “quotes” go through the roof

A proposal you can count on

JRC wants to rewrite the script on the roofing process with the customer in mind.  Our proposals are detailed and technically sound yet easy for every customer to understand.  Our numbers are accurate, and we almost always stick to our proposal because we take the time to search for hidden problems before we write the proposal rather than trying to increase the price of the contract midway through the job.  

Accurate measurements

Our team actually gets on your roof for the most accurate measurements and up-close observations leading to highly detailed and accurate estimates.

Core sample

Knowing exactly what your existing roof is made of gives us the ability to find just the right roofing system for your building. 

Thorough proposal

Knowing exactly what your existing roof is made of gives us the ability to find just the right roofing system for your building.