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All successful roofing projects start with a thorough and detailed proposal.  At JRC we put more time and effort on the front end so that the actual roofing project goes quickly and according to plan.  We will examine your roof, take precise measurements and core samples to ensure that we have all of the information to find just the right roof for your building.  We do our best to anticipate any difficulties with your roofing project and take the extra time to spell them out, just in case.

Accurate measurements

The other guys use satellite imaging to capture their measurements, our team gets on your roof for the most accurate measurements possible, leading to the most accurate estimates possible. 

Core sample

Core samples are essential to planning a reroofing project.  They explain what’s below the surface and help determine the exact makeup of your existing roof.  This information helps our estimators determine the very best options when planning your new roof.

Thorough proposal

We take pride in giving detailed estimates and planning our projects well so that you know exactly what you are buying.  We work with the best manufacturers and only install roofs that carry a manufacturer-backed warranty.

Emergency leak response

There’s no use crying over spilt water. If you’re having an issue, give us a call.  Our technicians are trained to find the leak, find it quickly and take the right steps to get it buttoned up.