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What we do

With a wide variety of skills and product offerings, we have the right solution to fit the unique needs of our clients.
New Construction

With the equipment and expertise to install most major brands of single-ply, fluid applied and both cold and hot asphaltic systems, JRC can get the job done right, on time and on budget.


When it’s time for a new roof JRC is the trusted partner you need to get the right roof for your specific building.  With a wide range of product offerings and  a deep knowledge base, JRC is ready to help you with your reroofing project.

Leaks and roof services

Roofs are big ticket items that are surprisingly vulnerable if not properly maintained.  Specializing in maintenance programs for all types of roofs, JRC is ready to help you analyze your roof and plan your response before the leak happens, putting you back in the drivers seat when it comes to proactively maintaining one of your biggest assets.

Preventative Roof Care

An apple a day…

What if you didn’t have to buy a new roof? At least, not yet. With Preventative Roof Care, we’ll keep our finger on the pulse of your roof’s health and longevity—providing maintenance and solutions to prolong your roof’s life while helping you budget for the next one. Preventative Roof Care includes a bi-yearly Roof Checkup and Roof Care Plan.

Roof checkup & leak repair

Roofs need checkups too.  Our techs will visit your roof twice per year to give it the checkup it needs to live a long and healthy life.

Budgeting tools and advance planning

As roofs begin to age, owners need the tools to know where the problem spots are, when potential problems need to be addressed and what it will cost to extend the life of the roof as long as possible.

Roof checkup pricing based on total square footage. Prices start at $250.00 for under 1,000 square feet.

Our Preventative Roof Care customers can add an additional 4-5 years onto the life of their roof
When “quotes” go through the roof

An estimate you can count on

Accurate measurements

Our team actually gets on your roof for the most accurate measurements and up-close observations leading to highly detailed and accurate estimates.

Core sample

Knowing exactly what your existing roof is made of gives us the ability to find just the right roofing system for your building.  

Thorough proposal

We take our time to do it right and list out exactly what you will be getting.  All of our new roofs come with a manufacturer warranty as well as two, complementary years of our Roof Care Plan.

Why we take core samples

Understanding the roof you have

Roofs can be complex and, sometimes, full of surprises.  By taking a core sample, we find out exactly what lurks below the surface.  Sometimes, it’s the hidden factors that make all the difference.

1. Surface layer

Your first line of defense
This could be a single ply of rubber or several layers of built up roofing or any of thousands of other roofing materials. The top layer is the first and most important defense against weather and moisture penetration.
2. Hardboard underlayment
An extra layer of support
Many roofing systems feature a hardboard directly under the surface layer. This layer provides impact protection from hail, foot traffic and random things that might get dropped or thrown onto a roof. In hail country, a hardboard underlayment is a must for single ply roofing systems.
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3. Rigid insulation

Maintaining interior temperatures
Roof system insulation can make a huge difference in both heating and cooling costs paying big dividends on your investment and making a positive environmental impact by reducing energy consumption.

4. Old roof systems

What else is hiding out up there
Sometimes old roof systems can be hiding underneath newer roof systems. This can affect the overall performance in a variety of ways, both good and bad. The presence of old roofs under more recent installations is especially important when starting a reroof project.
New construction

Reaching new heights with Colorado College’s Ed Robson Arena

JRC is proud to have roofed the new home of the Colorado College Tigers!  This state of the art ice arena was completed in 2021.

Roof system design/build

JRC was able to provide an alternate specification for this arena that met or exceeded all of the standards originally specified by the architects while providing significant cost savings and using sustainable products.


Over 140,000 pounds of post-consumer recyclables were diverted from landfills and used in the hardboard underlayment on this roof while providing superior performance and protection against hail. Additionally, the roofing membrane and underlayment are recyclable, and at the end of their useful life can be re-purposed. With these products, JRC is taking waste out of landfills now, and in the future. This is a win for our customer and a win for our planet.

Technical capabilities

With three roof systems and almost 70,000 square feet of roof spread across ten roof levels , this job demanded a roofer with a deep understanding of the construction process and the technical abilities to overcome the huge obstacles involved. JRC worked seamlessly with the construction team to complete this project on budget.

Roofs aren’t one-size-fits-all

Custom proposals designed with you in mind

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